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LED Area/Shoebox Light AL02 Series

AL02 Series


Available in 150W/200W/300W

CCT: 5000K


Introducing the AL02 Series LED Area Light, a versatile and customizable lighting solution designed to illuminate outdoor spaces with precision and efficiency. With three wattage selectable options, you have the flexibility to adjust the brightness according to your specific needs, ensuring optimal visibility and energy savings. Additionally, the AL02 Series offers the choice of installing either a photocell or motion sensor, providing further customization to suit your preferences and application requirements. Whether illuminating parking lots, pathways, or outdoor recreational areas, this durable and reliable area light delivers exceptional performance and enhanced safety. Upgrade to the AL02 Series LED Area Light for superior illumination control and peace of mind in any outdoor environment.


Parking lots, buildings, building facades, parks and much more.

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