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LED V-Shape Integrated Tube

SKU: HY-T8INT-(xx)W(x)FT-(xxxx)K-V


The LED V-Shape Integrated Tube is a cutting-edge lighting solution designed to provide exceptional illumination with a 270-degree beam angle for side illumination. Its unique V-shape design ensures optimal light distribution, making it ideal for applications where broad coverage is needed. With integrated LED technology, this tube offers energy efficiency and long-lasting performance, while its sleek profile allows for easy installation in various settings. Whether used in offices, retail spaces, or industrial facilities, the LED V-Shape Integrated Tube delivers superior lighting quality and versatility for any environment requiring enhanced visibility and aesthetics.

- Aluminum housing for better heat dissipation

- Direct connection for easy and quick installation


- Available in 5000K/6500K


Cooler door Illumination/supermarket/sign/subway/office/showroom


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