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LED Adjustable Full Cut Off Wall Pack

WPA Series


80W/60W/45W Selectable

3000K-4000K-5000K Selectable


Introducing the WPA Series Full Cut-Off Adjustable Wall Pack, designed to deliver flexibility and high output in a compact footprint. Operating on a wide voltage range of 120-277V, this adjustable LED outdoor wall pack offers unparalleled versatility. With an adjustable range from 0° to 90°, you can achieve a "full cut-off" option in the down position or customize the angle to suit your specific lighting requirements. The included photocell comes pre-connected for added convenience, but can easily be disconnected based on your application needs. Featuring selectable lumen output color, this wet-listed fixture ensures optimal safety and security for outdoor environments. Upgrade your outdoor lighting solution with the WPA Series for enhanced performance and peace of mind.


Perfect commercial or industrial solution for outdoor building facades

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